You toss around in bed not knowing why sleep is escaping you. Sweat droplets roll down your face, you're half naked already, not even the walls or floors are cold enough to cool you down.  

Summer heat can be a nightmare out of hell, but these following tips will help you survive the heatwaves until winter finally returns. 

1. Make your own air conditioner

When in need, DIY your own solution. 

Just replace your napping cat with a bowl of ice cubes, place it in front of the fan, and let the chilly breeze make your day. 

2. Cold bed sheets will save your life

Yes, you read that right.

Place your bed sheets in a plastic bag then throw them in the freezer for a few minutes before making your bed. 

3. Want to be as cool as a cucumber?

Since they're 95 percent water, cucumbers make a very light and powerful addition to your daily diet, especially is summer time when hydration is needed most. 

4. If cucumbers are not your thing, try watermelons

Watermelons are refreshing and delicious, and most importantly, loaded with antioxidants, which are great for your health.

Try it as a smoothie or cocktail, or simply cut it into wedges and dig in.   

5. Pickles will also save the day

Especially if you're working out and sweating profusely. 

The sodium and potassium in pickles will help keep your electrolytes balanced as well as keep your body hydrated. 

6. A colorful cotton bandana makes for a great accessory

They are perfect for any time of the year, especially the summer. 

Bandanas help keep those curly locks away from our face, solving the most annoying summer hair problem. 

7. Don't forget the hat, ladies

You're allowed to be tired of applying sunscreen, looking as white as that cat every time you step outside the house. 

Hats come in all shapes and for all clothing styles. They work perfectly fine to protect your face from the sun, even if you're wearing a headscarf.