Perhaps the most luxurious place in the world today, it comes as no surprise that the most expensive things can be found in Dubai. With the tallest tower in the world, the biggest indoor aquarium and the biggest indoor ski park; Dubai never ceases to amuse and amaze.

1. Lamborghini cop cars

Image 1 - Lamborghini cop car

What better way to catch speedy drivers than with speedy cars? Dubai cop fleet includes a number of Lamborghini Aventador cars among other super expensive vehicles.

Each Lamborghini costs around $330,000,

2. First class suite on Emirates Airlines A380

Image 2 - Emirates Airlines

A $30,000 airline ticket from LAX to Dubai, and no that does not include shares in the airline!

3. Burj Al Arab Hotel

Image 4 - Burj Al Arab

Open since 1999 and costing around $650 million to build, Burj Al Arab is the epitome of what a luxury hotel should be.

On the 25th floor you will find an incredibly expensive hotel suite for $24,000 a night!

Weekend getaway anyone?

4. DME Cocktail - $7,438

Image 5 - DME cocktail

Made with Macallan 55-year-old single malt, homemade passion fruit sugar and topped with ice cubes made with water from the Macallan distillery in Soctland, this drink sells for $7,438.

It's also served in an 18-carat gold glass that you get to keep at the end!

Drinks on you tonight?

5. Le Grand Queen bathtub - $1.74 million

Image 6 - Le Grand Queen bathtub

Believed to have therapeutic properties and made from the rarest raw materials in the world, the tub was sold for $1.74 million to an anonymous buyer.

6. The Golden Tablet

Image 7 - golden tablet

The 24-carat 64GB Apple iPad can be found at Burj al Arab and is available for guests to use during their stay. The iPad costs $10,200 and probably does not have Candy Crush or Solitaire pre-installed.

7.  Z Tires

Image 8 - Z Tyres

These gold and diamond embedded car tires are the most expensive tires in the world and were sold for $600,000.

A flat tyre? Highly doubtful – probably just some missing stones here and there...