The Algerian passport definitely provides more visa-free travel opportunities than some others in the region, allowing easy access to 46 countries.

Here are 7 of the coolest and most unique travel adventures Algerians can have without worrying about any annoying paperwork before traveling.

1. Bangladesh

The Puthia Temple Complex is just one of the amazing and unique landmarks tourists can visit when traveling throughout Bangladesh.

2. Comoros Islands

Moroni, which means "in the heart of the fire," is the capital and largest city of this island nations located in the Indian Ocean.

3. Hong Kong

Interested in experiencing the big city life? Well it doesn't get much more modern and exciting than the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong.

4. Kenya

Head to Kenya and book a safari. You might even get the chance to feed an elephant. Just remember to leave your guns at home.

5. Moldova

Spend your time enjoying the interesting scenery and nature of Moldova. Don't worry about spending too much money. Everything will be quite affordable.

6. Romania

Vampire fans will drool over the opportunity to visit the fabled castle of Dracula himself. Bran Castle is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia.

7. Tajikistan

Take a refreshing trip into nature and enjoy camping and hiking in the Pamir Mountains.