We all know how busy life can get as a working woman in Dubai. Morning routines slowly disappear, ultimately turning into morning rushes. 

Your hair is the number one victim of such a fast-paced lifestyle, but worry no more. 

These 7 hairstyles will do you and your time some justice. 

1. The formal-but-not-so-formal meeting

Running late to a meeting but don't know what to do with your hair? This 10-minute hairdo will do the trick. 

You will look like you spent 30 minutes working that hair. 

2. Low ponytail on the go

Source: Pinterest

This is for the days your hair isn't on its best behavior. It's for those mornings you caught your hair in a mess, and there's no way you can tame it without pulling it back. Except you don't want to pull it all the way back. 

This is your middle ground solution. And it won't take too much of your time.

3. Casual top knot

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Because who doesn't like top knots? 

4. A fishtail with a twist

Source: Pinterest

Fishtails look pretty difficult, but they're as simple as a regular braid - maybe even simpler. 

If you're not a fan of pulling your entire hair into braids, then this half pulled-back-twisted-fishtail-braid is your answer. 

5. A french braid coverup

Source: Pinterest

This is for the days when your hair is a complete mess and those days when you really don't want your hair flying all over your face. 

French braid makes for a simple classy look. 

6. A pull me back twist

Source: Pinterest

Take those long front bangs, give them a twist and pull them back. Let your face shine! 

7. With a flower braid

Source: Pinterest

You can even get a little artistic with a flower braid wrap in the back of your hair.