For no apparent reason, I became the go-to person for friends and colleagues when they need advice on healthy but enjoyable eating. For the past month, and mainly because of the excessive heat, I’ve been basically recommending salads. All types of salads, containing all types of proteins and creative ingredient combinations.

I admit this requires a lot of careful and time-consuming shopping and a lot of washing and prep-ing, but it’s worth it. You’ll feel full, not so bloated, fresh and healthy.

In my opinion, a nice fulfilling salad for lunch should contain the following components:

  • Any type of lean protein: My favorites are turkey breast, grilled chicken breast, grilled calamari, eggs and tuna (raw or canned)
  • Greens: My favorites are rocket leaves, french lettuce, lollo rosso and chives – my advice would be to mix all kinds of greens together
  • Healthy fats: My favorites are avocado, almonds, and black olives
  • A type of fruit: generally tomatoes, but it can also be kiwi (surprisingly good), cherries, strawberries or oranges
  • A simple but delicious dressing: my favorite being dijon mustard, melted in lemon with olive oil
  • Pepper: I might be leaving salt aside because it’s already present in most of the ingredients above, but pepper is a must for me
  • Chili flakes or chia seeds: these are defintiely optional but I’ve been sprinkling them everywhere lately as they’re healthy and full of fibers

Without further ado, here are 7 salad recipes to inspire you. I suggest you make one for each day of the week.

1. Refreshing strawberry spring salad mix with sweet and sour dressing


Click here for recipe.

2. Full of flavor lentil salad with cucchini and sumac


Click here for recipe.

3. Marinated cherries and goat cheese salad


Click here for recipe.

4. Corn salad as a side dish


Click here for recipe.

5. Watermelon and greens summer salad


Click here for recipe.

6. Halloumi and nigella seed salad tossed with a vinaigrette


Click here for recipe.

7. Summer peach and feta cheese salad topped with a basil vinaigrette


Click here for recipe.

You can always discard the fruity part if you’re not a sweet and sour type of person!

So there you go!

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