If hell was on earth, it would be summertime in Lebanon. Summer is horrible everywhere but in Lebanon, it's extra awful.

It's not just the excruciating heat that gets to you, it's the things that go along with it, such as the garbage crisis, electricity problem and what not. How else are you going to feel the complete misery of summer?

After last year, I don't think anyone is emotionally, mentally or even psychologically ready for summer.

1. Shaving becomes a task you have to mentally, emotionally and physically prepare for


2. You think it's a good idea to apply makeup before leaving the house and end up with this mess


3. Humidity takes a toll on your hair and existence


Pretty sure there's a lost bird inside...

4. The amount of car honking makes you question whether killing another human being is really a bad thing


5. And there's the garbage crisis that still hasn't been resolved...


Enough said.

6. You're afraid to sit down because you'll end up sticking to the chair and ripping a piece of your skin when you get up


7. You then realize that getting out of the shower in the first place was the biggest mistake you ever made