Sometimes all you need to get out of a tricky situation is one magic word. In the United Arab Emirates, there are several that you can use to get yourself out of trouble, and you really need them in your vocabulary! 

Remember these words next time you find yourself in a sticky situation: 

1. B7awel بحاول

It means “I will try." But will you really? It's a great word to use when your friend asks you to visit them in Sharjah, but you don’t want to go because you know you’ll be stuck in traffic for hours. So you just tell him: "b7awel."

2. Mafi mushkel ما في مشكل

Or “no problem." Everything seems possible, easy and achievable once you say this phrase. It’s the “hakuna matata” of the Arabic language.

3. Ma aqsedak ما أقصدك

When you want to criticize or object to a certain situation involving a group of people, simply say "ma aqsedak enta" or "but I don’t mean you," after blurting out everything. It’s an indirect way to speak your mind without getting in trouble with anybody. 

4. Habibi حبيبي

No matter how heated the debate or how tricky the situation, it all becomes better once you throw “habibi” in the mix. Example:

- Bouncer: Flip flops are not allowed here.

- Flipflops guy: Habibi!

- Bouncer: OK, come in

5. Zein زين

This typical Khaleeji word that means “fine” or “OK” or “I’m gonna let this pass” or “I don’t agree but yalla no problem” or “I will make you regret this one day but for now we’re cool." 

It’s your way to say anything you want without actually saying it!

6. Inshallah إن شاء الله

This is probably the first word you learn when you set foot in any Arab country. Inshallah could mean “yes," "no," "let’s see," "I probably won’t, but I’ll give you the impression that I will," or even "no freaking way!!"

7. Falak tayyeb فالك طيب

It means: "don’t worry, good things will come your way." It’s the perfect response when you want to get out of a seemingly endless debate with a boss, an annoying client, a complaining costumer or a grumpy friend.