If you're Arab, then you probably already know that some of the region's traditions are just as beautiful as they are unique.

From decade-old superstitions to happy rituals such as "zalghoutas", nothing can beat the customs revered and preserved by our ancestors.

Here are a few of them captured in motion ... all using a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

1. Throwing rice/flowers at the bride and groom is the only good luck charm weddings need

2. The "zalghouta" during celebrations is a must

3. Pouring coffee from "dalla" somehow makes the drink taste better

4. Happy moments aren't complete without "daf"

5. Playing "zahr" during summer is the easiest way to pass time

6. It's not a party without a "dabke"

7. Rolling dough for saj/manoushe is a skill our tetas have mastered