Dubai is known for luring in and housing a lot of Lebanese fresh graduates looking for brighter opportunities not too far away from home.

Changes will occur to those who move there, most of which aren't anticipated. 

Here are just a few of them to undoubtedly hit you if you decide to relocate to Dubai: 

1. Financial management becomes a necessity

Back at home, your parents paid for food, water and electricity bills, rent, and Wifi. You had your clothes washed and your room tidied up for you. 

Now it's your turn to handle all the expenses and house chores while keeping in mind that it's neither cheap nor easy. 

This enhances your management skills with both money and time as you learn how to save up and take care of everything that needs to keep your home running.

2. Nightlife becomes addictive

Even though Lebanon is known for its party scene and daily nightlife buzz, Dubai remains an untapped territory in this field. 

The options are plenty; add some societal and peer pressure, and you'll have to try them all. 

 You can't just miss out on a night out! 

So, you make it a point to have a cool group of partygoers to try out all the "it" places. 

3. Boat life kicks in on most weekends

Party on Friday, take a dip on Saturday. 

As the weekend shifts from the Lebanese Saturday-Sunday, to the UAE's Friday-Saturday, you learn to adjust and make the best of it. 

Going on boat trips with your friends or colleagues nearly every weekend becomes a go-to plan to relax after a hectic week at the office.

4. Time moves pretty fast in DXB

Time in Dubai is always on the run; everyone there has something to do all the time

You need to keep up with the world around you. If the country itself tends to evolve and renovate nearly every week, so should you.

You will end up giving your maximum effort in a small amount of time.

5. Your career goals become clearer

As it catches your attention, people's motivation to work professionally and ethically will challenge you to strive for more. 

Your sense of responsibility and independence will push you to aim higher when building your new career.

6. Friends become family

Moving to Dubai isn't always easy, especially when you're leaving family and friends behind. 

Even though you'll be visiting Beirut more than you think you would, you'll still need a group of friends who will have your back in Dubai.