Arab families never come in compact sizes; it's either they populate a whole village or two cities... no in between there. 

And when it's time for the big gathering to take place, get ready for a long day of interrogation, loud voices, lots of food, and meeting new family members

Here are six types of Arab family members you're stuck with on reunions: 

1. The uncle who lives abroad

With kids who don’t speak a word of Arabic... "How do you say 'bsheel' in French?"

2. The distant cousin you only see in family gatherings

But they're usually on their cellphone the whole time... but it counts, right? They made an appearance at least.  

3. The aunt with the rich husband

She's convinced of her superiority and is expecting a high-end set menu from a catering company. 

Questions likes these will be asked too: “Is there quinoa in this tabbouleh of yours?”

4. The cousin who brings a partner

And has the whole family eyeing the guest as they might be the potential 3arous/3aris.

5. The uncle who’s always joking around... even when it’s inappropriate

To your luck, he might be the funniest family member who makes the whole gathering better. 

6. The aunt with too many kids

You grow immune to the constant crying and nagging for Omar, Dima, Saeed, Layal, Fayez, and Randa to sit quietly and behave. 

"Ya Omaaaaar, leave your brothers alone."