Ramadan is the only time of year when I watch TV. Every actor and production company save their best for this month, and I have to admit, it is worth the wait!

But since there are hundreds of shows to choose from, it becomes hard to find the best ones, and this is where we come in.  

Here are our picks for the must watch Ramadan 2017 TV series. Happy binge watching everyone! 

1. The Black Horse الحصان الأسود

This series has all the trademarks that made its star Ahmed el Sakka famous. Guns? Check. A police investigation? Check. Car chases? Check. Action and suspense? Check and check!

The story revolves around Fares (El Sakka), a shady character who operates on the wrong side of the law. But Fares’ world suddenly changes when a mysterious accident causes him to lose parts of his memory. He sets out to find out what had happened, which puts him face to face with other equally shady and suspicious characters. 

The series looks like an extended version of most of El Sakka's movies, and people seem to be excited about it because they’ve watched its Facebook promo more than 1.4 million times already! 

2. Orchedia أوركيديا

It is one of the most talked about Ramadan dramas of 2017. This series brings back the fantasia genre which Syrian drama popularized 2 decades ago with hit shows like Al Burkan, Al Jawareh and Al Ababeed.

Orchedia, which was shot in Romania, is probably the most expensive production on the Ramadan TV map this year, with a budget of more than 5 million dollars. The Syrian period drama talks about the deadly struggle for power between 3 imaginary kingdoms. 

The plot and production seem to be a mix between Game of Thrones and Hareem al Sultan, only with less provocative scenes! The anticipated series has an all star cast with names like Salloum Haddad, Aabed Fahed and Soulafa Maamar taking the lead.

3. Sunset Oasis واحة الغروب

The series is based on the bestselling novel واحة الغروب by Egyptian novelist Baha’a Taher. It tells the story of disgraced police officer Mahmoud (played by Khaled el Nabawi) who is exiled to the remote and unforgiving desert of Siwa after he’s suspected of aiding the rebels against the British occupation. 

Accompanying him is his Irish wife Catherine (Menna Shalaby) who is obsessed with finding the real grave site of none other than Alexander the Great, rumored to be hidden in that desert! It is a new and refreshing plotline in Ramadan this year and we are excited to watch how it’s going to unfold!  

4. Forgive me for I have sinned سامحني خطيت

We are eager for this Kuwaiti drama because it seems to steer away from the usual themes of love, tragedy and betrayal which typically saturate Khaleeji drama.

There is an air of suspense and mystery in this TV series in which Shujun Al Hajeri plays a blind woman who is abandoned by her family, but her life changes when her father suddenly dies leaving her a will.

But there is a catch: the will can only be opened after 10 days of his death! Why? We can’t wait to find out!

5. Spotlight بقعة ضوء

The Ramadan TV experience is never complete without the sartorial humour of Spotlight. For almost a decade, this Syrian comedy has become a fixture in Ramadan TV season and a cult show which now features a pan Arab cast that complements its usual star line that includes the likes of Ayman Ridha, Amal Arafah and Bassam Koussa.

We can’t wait to see how Salloum Haddad is going to portray Donald Trump and whether he'll do as good a job as his American counterpart Alec Baldwin! 

6. Kafr Dalhab كفر دلهاب

Picture this: creaking doors, dark staircases, fingers dripping with blood and incomprehensible whispers … scared yet?

These frightening elements set the tone for Youssef el Sherif’s new series that will transport us to a forgotten village in Egypt lost in an obscure era.

The people of this village are haunted by an angry spirit who lusts for blood and vengeance and it’s up to the village’s doctor (El Sherif) to put an end to its deadly rage!