We all know what misfortune winter brings along every year. Weight gain. I'd like to blame it on the lack of body-mirror time, something essential to maintaining a healthy body figure. Your weight gain is probably hidden underneath all those layers and big sweaters only to slap you in the face as soon as beach season approaches. How about you go about it differently this year by making changes to your everyday routine, with barely any effort? Here are 6 tips to keep beach season from sneaking up on you:

1. Choose the stairs instead of an elevator

Really, this one is effortless.


2. Walk to work if possible

Or park in a parking structure a bit far from your destination.


3. Do the dishes, fold laundry, basically take over all house chores

Blast up some music to make them seem less tedious.


4. Stay hydrated

Because sometimes all your body really needs is some water.


5. Choose outdoor activities over dining out

Hit two birds with one stone by getting an outing plus physical activity all in a couple hours.


6. & shop more!

Can't say no to that, can you?