You might have heard about the Burger Khalifa that's about to take over Dubai at the end of this month. It's not just any burger, it's quite an expensive burger actually. It's not all that surprising considering Dubai is home to pretty much the most expensive things on the face of the planet.

Here are 6 times things in Dubai got a bit too expensive, for no reason really.

1. Burger Khalifa: a 500 dirham burger

Firebird Diner is introducing a 500 dirhams burger as part of the Burger Domination Week taking place between May 22 to 28. First off, can that thing fit in your mouth?

2. Black Diamond: a 2,999 dirham scoop of ice cream

Made with 23-carat gold flakes, Madagascar vanilla ice cream, Iranian saffron and black truffle, this scoop is also named the "most expensive ice cream in Dubai." Would you pay that much for something you're going to digest and get rid of a few hours later?

3. Address Montgomerie: a round of golf between 475 to 925 dirhams

The rates above are the green fee rates during peak season. But even the off-season rates are definitely not cheap in comparison with golf courses abroad, where a round costs on average between 150 dirhams and 220 dirhams at most, according to the National Golf Foundation . The rates in Dubai are double that. Another quite expensive course in the country is the Faldo course at the Emirates Golf Club where a round of gulf costs 425 dirhams.

4. Gold facial at Raffle Dubai Spa: a facial for 1,845 dirhams

Dubbed as the world's "most decadent spa treatment," Raffle Dubai Spa's 24-carat gold facial is really a bit too much. Would you spend this much on a facial that you're going to wash off an hour later?

5. Burj Al Arab's Royal Two-Bedroom Suite: a nightly rate of 38,950 dirhams

Okay, yes you could book a one-room deluxe suite for around 7,000 dirhams (as if that's considered cheap). I mean compared to the 38,000 dirhams for the suite, it kinda is. But, like whoa!

6. Golden Phoenix: a 3,700 dirham cupcake

In 2012, the "world's most expensive edible" went on sale at the Bloomsbury outlet at The Dubai Mall to celebrate the opening of the cupcake franchise. The cupcake was made using 23-carat edible gold sheets. I don't know about you, but I'd rather wear those carats than eat them.