We've all hung out on the so-called "baranda" and you've got to agree there's no better place to just sit and chill. But, as Arabs, we just love to make use of every single inch of space for a million different purposes. How many times was your baranda used for something other than just a normal chilling zone?

1. It is kind of like a storage room

Because no one uses it anyway, right?

2. And a place to dry your laundry

Because no kahraba.

3. The only smoking zone in the house


Even if it's closed with glass windows, it's still a smoking area.

4. Where eating bizir requires no ashtray


Because we just throw them over the balcony.

5. Having private phone conversations



Where the entire neighborhood can hear you, but you chose to talk out there for some "privacy."

6. A mini sobhiyeh with your neighbor


But mini turns into long, long conversations that kind of have no end.