The artists that express themselves through their world have touched something within, something that just needs to be shared with the people around them. To integrate art with your city is a merging of a part of you with your urban landscape. In short, it's an act of love. 

1. Wipe your eyes, Egypt

Drawn by Tunisian artist eL Seed, who coined the term "calligraffiti" by combining calligraphy with graffiti. 

Believe it or not, it comes together as a single sentence: "“To see the sunlight, one must first wipe his eyes.” 

2. Beirut memorializes its homeless

Yazan Halwani is a Beiruti street artists who combines portraits and calligraphy, coming up with beautiful results, like the picture above, entitled "Portrait of Ali" which commemorates a homeless man named Ali Abdallah, well-known to students in the American University of Beirut area. 

Abdallah died in a major storm that hit Beirut in January 2013. 

3. Charcoal with haunting detail in Bahrain

Cuban-American Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada recently painted this mural in Bahrain after stopping for Alwan,  a festival introducing Bahrain’s up and coming generation of conceptual artists.

4. Dubai giving women's rights a face

Drawn by Iranian brothers ICY and SOT in Dubai, this is a a call for women's rights in the Emirates.

5. Oum Kalthoum never dies, especially when there's street art involved

Street art alone is impressive, but chipped street art takes dedication. 

6. A call to politcal action in Libya

Since the uprising against late dictator Muammar al Ghaddafi in Libya in 2011, graffiti pieces mocking Gaddafi and celebrating the Libyan people are popping up everywhere. Once upon a time, this was unthinkable.