You may have heard about the Abu Dhabi Awards - after all, they are the emirate's highest civilian honor - but if you haven't yet, this is your chance.

Established in 2005, the awards, which run bi-annually, aim to shed light on the unsung heroes who have dedicated time towards bettering the community and building a better emirate. 

Here are six things you didn't know about this year's cycle of the Abu Dhabi Awards. 

1. Nominees don't actually have to live in Abu Dhabi to qualify

Do-gooders from around the world - of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities - are eligible for the Abu Dhabi Awards. The only criteria that must be met is to have made a significant contribution to the development of the community of Abu Dhabi. In fact, a number of recipients have also been awarded posthumously (after their death.)

2. The awards were inspired by the nation's late founding father

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE, believed in residents' generosity and kindness. 

His affection towards his people was a result of his faith in humanity and the belief that every one of us is both selfless and capable to support and care for others within their community.

3. There's no good deed – big or small – that can't be considered

There are no categories or specific requirements to be nominated for an Abu Dhabi Award – anything (good) would be eligible for a nomination. Previous winners include doctors, dignitaries, school children, photographers, and environmentalists.

4. This year's awards are all about giving back

In a bid to inspire goodness across the board, this edition of the Abu Dhabi Awards is hosting a series of community-driven events set to take place over the course of the nomination period, which ends in Dec. 2019. 

Citizens and residents alike are invited to join in on these initiatives to pay it forward and give back to others.

5. It only takes one nomination

Because the Abu Dhabi Awards are based solely on nominations (as opposed to voting), it only takes one submission to get someone recognized. So if you think your voice is too low to be heard – think again. 

6. You can make a nomination online in exactly 5 minutes or less

If you spent five minutes scrolling social media today, you could spend the same amount of time making a nomination online via the Abu Dhabi Awards website.

Technically speaking, nominating someone for an Abu Dhabi Award is an act of goodness in and of itself, so there's your good deed for the day, sorted.