University is an exciting place to be in. After we graduate from school, we start having all these expectations on what university life is going to be like and in the first couple of days, it's such a high. But with time, you start realizing that some of the things that go on there are so nerve wrecking.

1. Your academic adviser is either a complete flake or a figment of your imagination


Some people have decent advisors, others have very friendly advisers, and then there are the poor unfortunate souls like myself who have to wait four hours in line for their bloody adviser to show up and by the time this person picks out your courses, most of the classes you want will be closed. Good times all around.



*screams internally...* *.. And externally*

3. Adding and dropping courses is a nightmare that needs to a lot of mental (and physical) preparation


4. Then you end up with horrible classes


That's it. That's how I'm gonna die.

5. And you study for useless exams that ruin your life


Like why? Whose idea was it to make students shove down massive chunks of information?

6. And then this mess happens...