One of the most difficult things you can do these days is to stop using social media.

It creates a sense of isolation from the rest of humanity. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing because sometimes, you really do need a break from it to reconnect with what's really important: the things and people around you.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always translate correctly.

1. People think it's boy/girl related


Nope. No one was involved in that decision.

2. People suspect you're anti-social


Or you know, maybe I just don't want to look at your 6,000 spammy photos showcasing your perfect little life.

3. Your "friends" list forget your birthday...


4. Which makes you re-evaluate the type of "friends" you've surrounded yourself with


5. The ones who do manage to check up on you, do it as little as possible

Who knew the bond between us was this tight?

6. Everybody becomes way too busy to hang out because "life" happened


More like "social" media happened.