No matter how fragile they might seem to you, grandmas are tough as nails. 

They're the ones who have raised at least two generations of rebels and can still get up way earlier in the morning than you do!  

So, if you think your mother is a hero for putting up with you, remind yourself that her mother is also one in her own right.  

Grandmas are badasses, and this is especially true if they happen to be Lebanese (can't help it, I'm biased) - because, well, it's all about the attitude, baby! 

And here are a few reasons why we're just in love with them: 

1. "Akalet/Akalte?"

You can never go to your grandma’s with a full stomach. She’ll force-feed you more than you can handle until you feel like passing out.  

The woman is crazy about putting food in your stomach. You can never tell her that you’re hungry, "بتمدّ سفرة طويلة عريضة." 

2. She’s always on her grandchildren’s side

Even during the tiniest misunderstandings, you can always find your grandma by your side. 

She understands you, even if she belongs to a different generation. She justifies your actions and makes sure you get away with a lot. A LOT. 

3. "Min hayda ya teta?"

Whenever teta spots you with a new crush, questions start pouring. 

“Who are they? Who’s their father? Does their mother work? Where do they live? Do they work too?” 

Before you even realize it, she knows everything there is to know about them and can advise you on whether or not you should invest your time that relationship. 

She's got that sixth sense going on for her and it's mainly driven by her love and concern for you. So make sure you take her words into consideration.  

4. Behind the wheel

Her tortoise driving can drive you insane because if she has to take a right turn and it's a mile away, she slows down fearing that she’ll miss it. 

But if you're the youngest of her grandchildren, know that she'll spoil you and take you everywhere you want to go. 

5. “Shou hayda Facebook?”


To no one's surprise, some grandmas have adapted to new technologies, but others simply hate Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. 

Honestly, can you blame'em? After all, they wanna talk and interact with you without a phone standing in the way. 

So, slow down on the social media while you're with them. Your accounts will always be there, but your grandma will not. 

6. She never forgets your birthday

Even though she's away from all the current technology, which in all honestly helps us remember when our loved ones' birthdays are, she's the one to wish you a happy birthday a week ahead. 

As your fish-memory fails you when it comes to necessary information, you can count on her to remember the exact date of your first word 23 years ago. 

Tetas ... They truly are a blessing.