Thinking about what it's like to live in Lebanon triggers all kinds of feelings- it's love and hate through and through.

Living here comes with an endless list of challenges that we tackle with some exceptional skills . Amid the hopeless frustration, we come to discover that the country has its pros. You just have to look hard enough.

The chaos, overpopulation and hazy rule of law come in handy sometimes and some things are just easier - and less expensive - in Lebanon.

1. Altering clothes is a no-brainer

We never think twice before buying jeans that are too long or kinda tight because our neighborhood tailor - or tailors - has got us covered. They're everywhere, and not only that, we love them for the meaningful small talk.

Meanwhile, people in the West often resort to their mothers/grandmothers/family friends to touch up their clothes.

2. Beauty comes so easy

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Lebanese women are known for looking topnotch at all times. Do people know why it looks so effortless? It's cause it is.

We have a beauty salon on almost every corner, which means the prices are competitive and you can often find a place to get yourself pampered without needing to sell a kidney.

3. "Service" drivers save the day


We often complain about taxi (or what we call "service") drivers, but deep down we know they're our saviors. You can stop a cab and go almost anywhere in the city for 2,000 L.L.

4. Road-tripping minus the hassle


Ever been "cruising" with your friends and then found yourself driving to Harissa, Broumana or even Faraya?

Thanks to Lebanon's compactness-jammed-with-natural-diversity, we can always take spontaneous trips. To put things in perspective: you can drive from South Lebanon to its North in some 5 hours, and drive across the entire country in one day!

5. We do background checks like it's nobody's business

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Background checks are ten times easier in Lebanon- and I'm not talking about the details we post on social media.

You will probably have at least one mutual acquaintance with anyone you meet and if you don't find that person, you can simply "ask around" and get the scoop about them- from who his great, great grandfather was friends with to whether or not he's an "eben halel".

6. Buying medicine without a prescription


We're not endorsing this dangerous practice in anyway, but it's no secret that buying medicine without a prescription is common over here.