We think of our parents as the epitome of knowledge; we assume they know everything...

But as we grow older and trends change, we realize that them keeping up is a bit of a challenge. 

As their children, it's our job to help them as much as we can, but sometimes there are things they just will never understand. And while it can get frustrating and annoying, it's best to remember that these people gave us life! 

Here are 6 things that our Arab parents will never understand:

1. Ripped Jeans

You buy a pair of really nice ripped jeans and you're super excited to wear them on your next night out. 

On your way out, your dad gives you that disappointed look and tells you: "Shu ya baba ma ma3ek masari?" (What's going on Baba, you don't have enough money?)

Of course, this doesn't only come from your dad, the entire family will pitch in this wisdom. 

2. Answering the phone

If it's the middle of the day and you don't answer your phone straight away, expect your mother to imagine all kinds of horrific scenarios.  

The actual possibilities of what you're really doing when you don't answer the phone are the following:

1) You're in the bathroom
2) You're in a meeting
3) You forgot your phone in the car
4) Or you just genuinely did not hear it! 

So, Arab moms everywhere, please don't kill your kids if they don't answer the first time!

3. Texting in Arabeezi

Arabeezi is a texting language that was created when Arabs discovered texting in general. 

It basically entails using Latin letters and numbers to text in Arabic. Some parents are okay with reading Arabeezi, but the funniest thing is getting them to read the numbers. 

Hayati (my life) becomes '7ayati'

Albi (my heart) become '2albi'

So, take it easy on your parents if they don't get it straight away! 

4. Social Media

So, parents are a bit more acquainted with Facebook now, but trying to get them to understand Instagram or Snapchat can be a bit of a stretch! 

Setting that aside, Facebook can still be a bit hard to tackle when the platform introduces new features ... because that means that you gotta pitch in some hours to teach your parents all about it. 

But when you don't do a proper job, here's what happens. 

Imagine this: You get a notification that one of your parents/aunts/uncles are live on Facebook. You click on it and you're redirected to a zoomed in image of them with their glasses on and you can see them move trying to understand what's going on. This, of course, comes with them shouting, trying to get one of the "young ones" to turn it off! 

It's definitely the stuff of hilarity! 

5. Technology

Whether it's a TV, satellite, laptop, iPad or DVD, we the "tech generation," need to be present when electronics are being handled by parents. Electronics manuals should say "keep out of reach of parents!" instead of children! 

This scenario seems to happen quite often:

You're sitting in your room and your mom starts calling you. Of course, you rush to see what's going on because that tone is only used if something is wrong. You get there and you see your mom so chill, she doesn't even look at you, but she asks you to change the channel so she can watch her Turkish soap opera! 

Nuff' said!

6. Organized chaos

We all know Arab moms are obsessed with cleaning. A little too obsessed. 

So, while we may know where our stuff is even if our rooms look like something out of a maze, we cannot handle it when our mothers organize our spaces! 

How is it that we can find our things in ultimate chaos, and then lose them when our rooms are neat and tidy is beyond us, but hey, this is an inevitable scenario! 

The worse thing is when your mom forgets where she put your things ... that's just a huge face palm moment! To all the moms out there, our rooms might be messy, but it's organized in our heads!