There are times when you're just in so much pain that you could literally cry for days. Whether you just got out of surgery or caught a pretty bad virus or got burned so bad, there are certain Lebanese women who just come at you with phrases that just make you feel ten times worse about your situation. How annoyed do you get when you hear these 6 phrases?

1. El ghewa bado ewa


This is commonly said when you're in pain because of something you decided to do to fix your beauty, whether it's a complicated hairdo, a nose surgery, your eyebrows, wax, hair removal laser or even something as simple as fixing your teeth. Beauty comes with a lot of effort and they won't ever let you forget that.

2. Le bado el dah ma bado y'ool ahhh


Because all good things in life come with a bit of pain and hardship, you just gotta wait for the good ending. But, deep down inside the only good ending you know of is them getting out of your freakin' face.

3. Sboore


Asking you to be patient, as if you haven't been trying for the past ten hours.

4. Allah b eenik


Their own way of telling you to be strong because it'll pass over soon. But, you already know that at some point the pain will go away, and right now you just need a solution! Why can't they get that?

5. Badek troo'ee


They think you're over exaggerating the pain, but little do they know what you're going through. They start with the whole "look on the bright side" comments while you just sit there picturing a pencil poking their eyes out.

6. Ana lamma...


Of course, they won't leave you alone before they let you know how one time when they were your age, they got into a pretty painful accident where they were forced to stitch themselves up because their doctor coincidentally got into an accident too (Sob7an allah). Well guess what, I'm not as strong as you, but I will literally pull your intestines out if you don't shut up.