It takes certain skills - or superpowers, rather - to be a young woman in the Arab world. 

Here's a glimpse: 

1. Defense skills that put lawyers to shame

The Arab community is gradually becoming more understanding of women's liberty, but the fight is far from over. You often find yourself obligated to defend your life choices and unconventional beliefs to people who are not willing to consider alternative points of view, people who still believe women are delicate creatures in need of protection and guidance. 

You are put on the defensive on a daily basis, so it's safe to say that your negotiation skills are totally lawyer-material.

2. Record-breaking refusal streak

Arab guys are typically super persistent and just can't take no for an answer. They often register rejection as an invitation to try harder... because Arab man pride and whatnot. 

As a reaction you develop a supernatural ability to defy incessant nagging and say 'no' in record-breaking streaks. 

3. Ignoring nonsense is a way of life

From politicians dictating how women should live, to degrading commercials that that get under our skin, to hearing the word '3ayb' thrown left, right and center, to Western "saviors" putting us all in the "helpless" box... Young Arab women deal with a whole lot of nonsense.

When fighting such nonsense proves useless turning a deaf ear becomes a duty, because sanity matters. And that's nothing short of a superpower. Believe you me!

4. Anti-3a2balik armor

Just in case you ever forget you're single, people will remind you on every occasion. To match that put on your anti-3a2balik armor before heading to any engagement or wedding. This'll help you force on a smile when you don't want to, respond politely to the outpouring 3a2baliks, and get through the occasion with the least effort possible. 

5. Selective amnesia

"The closer the better," that's the motto many Arabs apply when it comes to marriage. So, you have probably dealt with unrequited marriage proposals from guys in your family or family friends you often see. 

After turning them down, you put your selective amnesia to work, forgetting that it ever happened. How else will you hang out with your cousin who has been trying to marry you for as long as you can remember? 

6. Exploring cities on their own

Exploring new cities by car is honestly a superpower Arab women have developed over the years - especially considering the challenges of driving on roads in the Arab world.