As Arabs, we tend to follow "the more the merrier" motto in life.  

When it comes to having children, we would populate an entire neighborhood with our genes if it were up to us.

Unfortunately for us Arab women though - the bearers of these tiny creatures - we are not always given the choice when it comes to this matter.

Societal pressure and conditioning influence many of us into believing that true satisfaction in life only comes from being mothers.

Here are 6 reasons why Arab women are told they "must" have kids:

1. "You have a uterus, why put it to waste?"

The mere presence of something shouldn't impose its use.  

2. "It's your duty as a woman"

You know what else is my duty as a woman? Being a productive part of society. 

That could be achieved through multiple lifestyles; being a mother is surely one of them but not the only one. 

As an Arab woman, I shouldn't be shamed for choosing my career over motherhood. Being a mother is a choice, not a mandatory fee. 

3- "You'll regret it when you're older"

If we ponder on the things we'll regret when we get older, we'll end up with a pretty long list. That's simply the nature of life. 

Some things might seem more important now, so we shift our attention toward them. 

4- "It's your husband's right to have children if they want to"

No matter how much your partner yearns to have a smaller version of himself running around, your consent is a must. 

5- "It's the legacy you leave behind"

Leaving a footprint behind isn't all about leaving a copy of your genes on earth.

Career, research, and good deeds are a way to go as well... #JustSayin' 

6- "You'll grow up to a lonely life"

Children grant a sense of liveliness to a household, but that's only until they, too, get a life of their own and become independent. 

Children shouldn't be a cure for loneliness, but a choice that comes with a whole lot of responsibility. 

Also, you can be in a house full of people and still be lonely. At the end of the day, it's all about choice and whatever makes you happy.