Calling out all passionate photographers who are in constant search for the perfect shot. If you happen to live in the UAE or are just visiting, then don’t miss out on taking some seriously amazing photos in these top spots.

Get your cameras and GPS ready and head now to one of these top 6 photography destinations in the UAE.

1. Al Fahidi District

Nestled in the heart of old Dubai, Al Fahidi District offers a unique glimpse into life in Dubai in the 19th century and the prevalent architectural style in that era. There, you can catch the perfect sunset photo in the narrow stone covered alleyways, or take nostalgic snaps of ancient artifacts inside the Dubai Museum or the Coffee Museum.

2. Eastern Mangroves

Nature photography lovers will not be disappointed with this scenic spot in the capital. A visit to Abu Dhabi’s mangroves will result in beautiful photos of wild marine life, tangled webs of mangrove trees and stretches of perfectly blue water.

3. Liwa desert

The golden sand dunes of the Liwa desert in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi offer fantastic backdrops to any photo. If you are lucky, you might be photobombed by a family of camels or gazelles.

4. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Instagram is filled with #SheikhZayedMosque hashtag because this architectural masterpiece is a must-visit when in the capital. It is nearly impossible to take a dull photo inside this space with its glistening white walls adorned with golden motifs and stunning collection of handmade carpets and chandeliers.

5. Jebel Hafeet

This majestic mountain in Al Ain offers an alternative natural scene in UAE far from the massive highways and skyscrapers. Photographers will definitely enjoy taking shots of the glorious dawn sky and starry full moon nights.

6. Global Village

This entertaining spot in Dubai caters to the tastes of all photographers. Get your cameras ready to snap pictures of traditional food, street style fashion, dazzling fireworks, and colorful parades. Your Instagram page will never be the same again!