The only thing worse than buying a car in Beirut is driving in Beirut. It's almost like a birthday, except you give yourself a death wish instead every time you get into that car.

2014-03-03-Foreigner's guide for Driving in Lebanon

1. Every hour of every minute of every second is rush hour, even when you're planning to get out at the parking lot


2. People forget how to use this wonderful thing called a "turn signal"

SBF turn signal switch

I swear, this isn't just an accessory!

3. People love to abuse the car horn while you're waiting at a red traffic light...


4. Road lights are simply there for decorative purposes


5. It's normal to spend three or more hours in the car because God damned you to eternal hell on earth!


5. And there are the red jerks in this picture...


I can understand why you feel the need to use a motorcycle or scooter, but seriously? Is it really necessary to cut me off and risk your life and mine?

6. Eventually, you develop a specific language when you drive