Your doctor wants you to eat health, your family wants you to eat healthy, even You wants to eat healthy, but the struggle often comes with questions: "What is healthy? Am I eating too much of it? Or am I not eating it at all?"

Everything needs to be eaten in moderation, even the most vital foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. Here is a list of some foods we enjoy eating the most along with their benefits and some of their downfalls!

1. Avocados


Avocados lower the bad cholesterol in your body (LDL) and in doing so, prevent many heart related diseases. However, avocados are rich in calories, so eating them in moderation is a must.

2. Pickles


Pickles are one of the best probiotics for your stomach. And believe it or not, a new conducted study was able to find a link between consuming pickles and a reduction in social anxiety. However, ingesting too many pickles can lead to sever bloating and an upset stomach!

3. Coffee


No coffee is not all that bad, in fact more than 40 studies have shown that coffee can prevent some cancers including breast, prostate and throat cancer. Also coffee can lower your risk of having a stroke. Most surprisingly a new study found that coffee (2 to 3 cups) can be helpful in reducing risks of erectile dysfunction in men. However, too much coffee can cause many symptoms including restlessness, an increased heart rate, diarrhea, an upset stomach and more.

4. Chocolate


Both your heart and brain need chocolate to improve their functions and aid in the prevention of illnesses and diseases. However, too much chocolate leads to weight gain!

5. Nuts


A new study has found that eating nuts every day can prolong your life by reducing to almost eliminating your risks of dying from cancer, respiratory diseases, strokes and more. However, an excess of nuts can lead to bloating, gas and diarrhea.

6. Eggs


Whether you like them sunny-side-up, scrambled or boiled, a new study found that eggs can aid the body in absorbing nutrients. However, too many eggs can increase your cholesterol level!

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