A trip to the Arab hair salon plays out like a script. From the comments you get from relatives you inevitably run into at the beauty salon to the deluge of Na3imans aka "congratulations on your hygiene" you get after you leave. 

But then you get down to the serious business. What do people actually think of your new haircut? Wonder no more. Your Arab friends and relatives are happy to volunteer that information and then some!   

1. The "you look good, but looked better" comment

This usually comes after you've done something quite daring to your hair. You've either chopped off more than 8 centimeters, dyed it red or shaved one side of your head off. 

You start hearing those "ken ahla" comments from people who initially compliment your haircut only to realize they should make you feel bad. 

That's when they follow it up with something that's neither an insult nor a compliment. Deep down, you know it's an insult. 

Whether it looks good on you or not, you expect to get harassed over your decision because it just doesn't fit with the traditional look (long black hair). 

2. The "bayan wejik" comment

This is usually something you hear from someone who: 

1. Is not your mom

2. Is not your grandma

3. Is not part of your family

4. Has short/thin hair

3. "Ra7 e2tlik"

Even if you've been growing your hair out for a couple years only to donate those 10 centimeters to the local children cancer's center ... it doesn't matter in the eyes of your mother/grandmother. 

They will make you feel horrible after chopping your hair off ... because deep down they truly believe that no man will want you, if you have short hair. 

4. The simple na3iman

A polite comment. That's all one really needs.

5. The "were you depressed when you cut your hair" comment

There's this common belief in the Arab world that if a girl cuts her hair short ... she was obviously not in a proper mental state. 

So, you sometimes get asked if your sad life actually led to your decision. NO, my mood had nothing to do with it and even if it did I am not going to tell you. 

6. The "kteer labe2lik" comment

Congrats! You passed the Arab hair cut screening test!