If you're living in the UAE, you understand the importance of "karaking". It adds flavor to late night car cruises, and it's your comfort drink at any time of the day. But do you really know the tea you spend all those intimate moments with? They have a life, too, you know.

1. The tea originated in India

The tea gained worldwide popularity from the start. It sprung out of India to become a menu item in numerous coffee and tea houses in London. It's a tea that's gone places.

2. The word "chai" comes from the Persian "chay" which originated from the Chinese word "chá" meaning tea

3. The four essential ingredients in chai karak include: milk, sugar, cardamom and ginger

There is no fixed method of preparation and ingredients, as various homes use various spices. But all masala chai's must contain the four basic ingredients above.

4. The combination of ground ginger and green cardamom is called "Karha"

Other spices are usually added to this base of Karha. These spices can include cinammon and nutmeg for example.

5. The base tea used is a strong black tea such as Assam

Photo source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Strong black tea is used so that spices and sweeteners do not overpower the taste. Usually, "mamri" tea, a specific type of Assam, does the trick.

6. It's anti-inflammatory

Photo source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

All the spices that are essential to the making of chai karak, including ginger, have anti-inflammatory properties. When combined, they work in synergy to combat any source of inflammation in the body.