Live music performances can save a night of boredom so you'd want to plan your week around what's available in town. 

Lebanon, thankfully, is packed with places to hang at in while enjoying live bands and music with your friends. 

Here are just a few of them:

1. Happy Faces - Cheers Pub

Cheers Pub is one of the most chill pubs you will go to in Brummana.

Owned by the lead singer of Happy Faces, Cheers is dedicated to live music performances of all kinds.

Happy Faces are up to any challenge; they will take any song of any style and make it their own. 

2. Don Lydon - Koa Hula Bar

Kaslik, the summer haven of all vacationers, is well-known for its cluster of beach resorts. Koa Beach Resort is surely one of the popular ones there. 

With its Koa Hula Bar - open at sunset every Thursday - Koa hosts brilliant musicians to make the view in sight and the drink at hand memorable. 

Don Lydon, a guitarist and singer, is one such artist. He will play any song you wish to hear; from reggae to rock music, and even commercial radio hits. 

3. October band - Maverick's Cafe Bar

Poster by Maverick's Cafe Bar featuring October Band
October Band and Maverick's Cafe Source: Facebook/maverickscafebar

Maverick's Cafe Bar, in Mansourieh, is always a great alternative to any space in the noisy streets of Beirut.  

Every Thursday, they present one of the best live music performances you can catch: October Band.

This group has a diverse style and a unique sound, guaranteeing a happy crowd every time. 

4. Joseph Abboud - Dany's Beach Bar

Dany's Beach Bar is a refreshing hangout spot in Batroun, with its most beautiful asset being the sea view at sunset.

When Sundays get too boring, book yourself a table at Dany's to watch Joseph Abboud perform live music with special musical instruments. 

Abboud's music orbits around Oriental folk, grunge, heavy metal, acoustic rock, and alternative.

5. Chady and the Band - Habana Restaurante

Located in the boisterous Jounieh, Habana Restaurante is one of the few places where Mexican food and vibes entice you to dance all night. 

Every Thursday, the same band that keeps the audience hyped at Hayda Hakeh talk show, will keep you on your feet. 

Chady and the Band will deliver the right performance every single time.

6. The Harmless Claw - Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar, in Jounieh, will make you move it up every Thursday with their live music by the beach.

The Harmless Claw, unlike their name, will scratch your shyness so you'd rock it hard to their music. They play every kind of music you can think of, from rock 'n' roll to pop, reggae, and blues tunes.

7. Khalil - House of Music, HQ

House of Music, or HQ, or the Music Headquarters, or whatever you feel like calling it, could possibly be the coolest place to chill at. 

Located in Mansourieh, HQ offers a wide variety of music tributes and live performances. 

One of the unique live music acts there would be Khalil and his hang. Khalil is said to be the first hang drummer in Lebanon, which makes him even more interesting to watch. 

8. YAM - Iris

Nothing says sunset drinks like IrisThis rooftop in the heart of Downtown, Beirut, presents live performances weekly. 

Nour Yammouni, aka YAM, is one performer not to miss. YAM is a rapper and a singer with moves to make you want to dance your long working hours away; she's at Iris every Tuesday.