Because Saudi Arabia is a strict country that dictates what you should wear and how to live, things become ingrained in you and it'll be difficult to let go.

1. You become socially awkward around guys


Of course you talk to guys, but you maintain a distance in certain areas. How can you not when you still have your principal's voice in your head yelling at you for looking at a boy in the 5th grade.

2. You STILL feel the need to wear an Abaya every time you go out


I can't stress this enough. There's nothing more comforting than wearing whatever you want underneath a cloak and going out.

3. You take up as many activities as possible to make up for the time you lost in Saudi Arabia


You try to make up for all the time lost in childhood while you wrangle with adulthood

4. You can't navigate basic social situations


Most of the developmental milestones you normally go through during puberty are delayed. Things you should have experienced during your teenage years are now being experienced in your early-mid 20's. When you move back to a country with, let's say, more lax moral codes, you have a very rusty social compass. It's not because you're oblivious. It's because this is one of your first times in dealing with something so socially delicate.

5. You become an extremist


Well, no. Not in that way! I mean it socially. People living in Saudi Arabia either become wary of authority and rigidly conform to it or become extremely wild and rebellious. In my case, it was the latter. You tend to become more aggressive towards authority because you've been monitored by it your entire life and now that you can think and make decisions for yourself, you unconsciously start teasing the limits.