If you were born in the early '90s and you're Arab, there is only one word to describe the way your mother raised you: strict! Of course, no childhood came without a few tools that Arab mothers got very creative with, and which remain a source of fear for all of us till today...

1. Wooden spoon

step wood mom

I must say, even though it hurt, I think I enjoyed the residual scent of last night's lentil soup on my arm...

2. Belt

step mom belt

This was the only time you wanted your Dad to buy fake leather belts! #ouch

3. Shahatah (slipper)


The mystical tool that seems to somehow find its way around all the furniture of the house right onto your check, inflicting just the right amount of tirbeyeh needed...

4. Chili


Did you think chili was for cooking? LOL... think again!

5. Iron hand


No tool was as effective as the hand. This powerful method introduced us all to how beautiful skin-on-skin contact can be.