From Donald Trump's presidency on The Simpsons to the Sept. 11 attacks on X Files, we've seen a number of on-screen scenarios transform into real life events.

Our tumultuous region of the world is no exception. Behold! 

1. A Turkish series predicted the Russian ambassador's murder

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In the "Turkish" TV series "Kollama" (or "Control"), a waiter kills the Russian ambassador at an art gallery

The scenario came to life in Dec. 2016, when the late Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was shot dead by a police officer during... wait for it... the opening of an art exhibition. Creepy much?

2. An American sitcom revealed Gaddafi's year of death 24 years before he was killed

Former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi was tortured and killed during his country's 2011 uprising. 

The American sitcom "Second Chance" foresaw not just his year of death but the cause of his death, too. The episode aired in 1987- 24 years before Gaddafi's death. 

The show's pilot episode features St. Peter's "office" in heaven, where he decides on people's celestial fate. 

The episode depicts newly-dead Colonel Gaddafi rising to the office, donning a military uniform covered with traces of gunshots. This scene is set to take place in 2011. 

3. The Simpsons predicted the design of the Syrian opposition flag ... a decade ago

In an episode name "New Kids on the Blecch," Bart and his friends partake in a music video, where they pilot war planes and parachute into an unnamed Arab nation to "liberate" local women from conservatism. 

A jeep in the video displays the flag that is currently used by the Syrian opposition. 

When the episode resurfaced in 2014, pundits explained that the flag is an older version of the Syrian flag, used prior to the country's 1963 military coup. 

4. Scrubs knew where Osama Bin Laden was hiding

Had the U.S. authorities been Scrubs fans, they would have spared themselves two years of searching for the al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden in the wrong country. 

In a 2007 Scrubs episode, The Janitor says, "We should be looking for Bin Laden in Pakistan." The U.S. intelligence did not determine bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan until 2009.

5. 'Homeland' predicted the Iran nuclear deal

The American series is known for its spot-on predictions of future political events. 

It foresaw a nuclear deal between Iran and the West in its third season, which was released in 2013 - three years before the Iran nuclear deal was signed by United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.

The show also predicted a failed attack on an airport in Berlin. In its fifth season, Syrian terrorists plot an attack on an an airport in Berlin, but the plot was aborted when some Syrian characters informed the authorities. 

The story drew parallels with the case of Syrian Jaber al-Bakr, whose planned attack on a Berlin airport was busted after his Syrian flatmates ratted out.