If you've ever had shawarma, you would probably understand why people would get creative with the concept. It's the most delicious, most satisfying meal out there... and people all around the world acknowledge that. They love it so much that they've tried to take a creative twist on the traditional meal. Basically, they get a rotating spit and put pretty much anything on there.

Which of these would you want to try?

1. Chocobab, United Kingdom

Dubbed as "Chocobab" Rita Gina replaces the traditional rotisserie with a 10 kg mix of milk chocolate and hazelnut. It was first opened in Gina's hometown of Greater Manchester.  There are several other places selling chocolate kebabs including Chocolate Kebab Shop in Swansea.

2. Pork belly shawarma

3. Vöner, Berlin

Basically a Vegan shawarma – modifying it's name from the Turkish version called doner – this place in Berlin just got creative.

4. Seafood Shaorma, Bucharest


Founded by Paul Nicolau in Romania, this shawarma looking rotating spit is actually a mix of various fish from shrimp to crawfish to oysters to lobsters, almost anything that comes from the sea.

5. Viking Kebab, Iceland

A raw meat Icelandic shawarma?