When we hear the name Fred Astaire, we immediately think of a dancer who has made a great impact in the dance world. Aside from making everyone want to get up and dance, Fred was known for his impeccable footwork and graceful performances most of which were with Grace Kelly. He dominated the silver screen with his voice, presence and dance moves. If you think you know how remarkable Astaire was, think again.

5. When he tap danced his way into your heart with Ginger Rogers in the movie "Swing Time"

4. When he showed off his beautiful voice and dance skills in the 1935 movie Top Hat

3. When he played the piano, sang, and tap danced a solo so effortlessly

Talk about being unbelievably multi-talented!

2. When he literally "danced around the room".. literally!

Here is how it was done:

1. When he danced at the Oscars.. AT THE AGE OF 71!

Skip to: 2:35.. and keep watching.

He deserved a standing ovation! How rude!