Taking a cab is a bizarre experience if you think about it. It can be an amusing experience and it can be a nightmare. Some people don't mind it ... they even find it easier to get a cab than to drive their own car especially when there is traffic. Others would prefer to go to hell and back than take a cab. Can't say I blame the latter, cab drivers can often be insufferable.

1. To start with, you are technically getting into a car with a complete stranger who's a crap lunatic driver


Can't I just walk from Gemmayzeh to Sin El-Fil? Come on legs, work!

2. You get squeezed in with five other people


Can we please have bike lanes?

3. At some point during your ride, he blurts out something inappropriate like his uncontrollable anger ... at EVERYTHING!


4. His legs shift uncontrollably between the gas and the breaks ...


Stop making me car sick ...

5. ... Just so he can be first in line


Just remember, even Michael Schumacher was in a coma. Get help for your anger problems!