There are currently over 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and millions of Muslim women who wear the hijab.

With summer approaching, people are getting ready for beaches, hikes, and travels. But for hijabi women, it's a whole different story. 

Here are 6 things that women who wear the hijab hate about the summer.

1. Tan lines

Source: Twitter

Wearing a hijab does carry some benefits: hiding messy hair, keeping your ears warm during winter, hiding your headphones in class, etc.

But while most people get to don a beautiful bronze tan in the summer, it's a whole different deal for hijabis. When a hijabi returns home after a sunny day and takes off her hijab, her face will be awkwardly divided into two shades.

2. "Don’t you get hot wearing all of that?"

The answer quite obviously is yes. But that's the answer you would get from literally anyone in the summer, regardless of how much clothes they're wearing.

It's just that Muslim women are willing to walk an extra mile for something they believe in.

3. The beach

The beach is arguably the most satisfying place to go to during the summer. Unfortunately for hijabis, specifically the ones living in Europe, it is not an ideal location anymore.

In France, there had been a few instances when going to the beach in a hijab resulted in public humiliation, and the fear still lingers among hijabi women. 

4. Finding the right type of clothes

As summer approaches, stores begin displaying their new summer fashion. It's a dilemma for hijab wearers to find suitable summer clothing that adheres to their religious principles. 

Shopping for clothes during the summer comprises many disappointing shopping runs. It's either a long sleeved crop top or a maxi skirt but with a long slit in the side.

5. "Can't you take it off just during the summer?"

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When people ask a hijabi this question they undermine her ability to stick to her decision. It's as if you were asking a vegan to try meat just this one time.

Wearing a hijab is a way of life, treating it as a something so trivial that it can be adjusted to the weather is inconsiderate.