STEP Conference is back for its seventh edition, and it has plenty in store for its thousands of attendees.

It's that time of the year when the region's leading techies, entrepreneurs, creatives, investors, and digital enthusiasts gather in Dubai for the largest experiential tech festival in the Middle East. 

Dubai Internet City will host the annual meet on Feb. 13-14, welcoming attendees to observe enlightening discussions, participate in unique workshops, and mingle with prospective business partners.

Comprising of four sub-conferences (STEP Start, STEP X & Money, and STEP Digital), STEP Conference is a must-attend event this month.

Here are some exciting sessions you should look forward to at the two-day festival:

1. Get some digital inspiration from MBC's and AUD's Ali Jaber

There's no denying that digital platforms play a crucial role in all kinds of businesses, so it's always a good idea to stay up-to-date with the latest global trends in digital marketing and content creation. STEP Digital is the ideal place to do that.

Among other brand managers and digital gurus, Ali Jaber, a Lebanese journalist, media consultant, TV personality, the director of broadcasting company MBC, and the Dean of AUD's Communication and Information Studies program, will deliver a keynote speech you certainly should not miss. 

2. Find out where influencers draw the line

Love them or hate them, influencers are all the rage in the virtual world. At STEP Conference, you can get a glimpse of the reality of their lifestyles from the perspectives of DJ and fashion blogger Tala Samman, travel blogger Yara Yehia, moderated by Tanaz Dizadji, CEO at Insydo and Brand Ripplr.

The trio will share their experiences with creating a fan base, working with brands, and maintaining privacy during "Influencers Debate: Where do you Draw the Line?"

3. Get the lowdown on the Chinese market

Learn about China's startup superpowers, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the Chinese market.

If you are looking to expand into China or planning to branch out of the country, check out the talk by entrepreneurs Jenny Zeng, Aradhna Dayal, and Ben Harburg from MSA Capital.

4. Learn how to stay ahead of the FinTech game

The future is financial technology (FinTech), and that future has already arrived.

STEP X Money will address all your FinTech questions, from the benefits and foreseeable goals, to the challenges and limitations.

During the session "The Future is FinTech: From Disruption to Status Quo," experts will discuss all-things-FinTech and highlight the ways through which traditional financial institutions are diving into the tech world.

5. Discover how AI compares to the human brain

Is it really a tech meet if there's no artificial intelligence (AI) involved? Nope. 

During a session titled "Decision Making: Marrying People and Machines," panelists will discuss decision-making through AI systems in comparison with the human brain.

Experts will tackle the integration of trust and integrity into machine intelligence, as well as the socio-economic and socio-political impacts of such systems.

Don't miss this year's STEP Conference!

There are plenty more exciting sessions at the event. Check out the full agenda here and get your tickets here.