The downsides of Cairo's public transport system are all too well known to Egyptians: questionable hygiene, overcrowding, and a setting that makes way for harassment. Few people appreciate the benefits of the transit system though.

The city has a wide array of underexploited public transportation platforms that can be quite beneficial to Egyptians in a variety of ways.

Here are 5 reasons you should use public transport in Cairo:

1. Your expenses would go down, significantly!

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Public transport is much cheaper than taxis in Cairo. A trip that costs 50 EGP by cab would cost you about 5 EGP on the public transport system. That's 90% less!

A metro ticket that costs 2 EGP can take you from one end of Cairo to the other; that's as much as 11 cents!

2. You can make friends ... Lots of them

Unexpected things tend to happen when groups of people come together, especially when those individuals come from different backgrounds but share similar destinations. 

On any given metro commute you can end up enjoying a casual conversation with a stranger or a full blown musical gathering! Why miss out? 

3. You'll forget what the word traffic even means

Cairo's constant traffic jams are unbearable, but the solution may be simpler than we think. An average public transit bus in Cairo can take up to 30 people, which could potentially mean 30 fewer cars on the road.

If people become more receptive to public transport - metro, buses, and microbuses - this could drastically reduce the number of cars on the road.

4. It gives you more "Anta5a" time

Public transport is much less troublesome than driving your own car. Besides not having to worry about parking there are so many perks. You only have to worry about getting on, paying the fair, and getting off.

Think of all road rage tantrums that you throw daily before you even get to work? Well, you can say goodbye to that, enjoy a book, finish homework or just enjoy some "me" time as you shuttle to your destination.

5. Cleaner air for everyone!


As people start using cars less frequently in favor of public transport, emissions would drop, thus resulting in less pollution. Not only would you be protecting the environment, but you'd also be able to enjoy a whiff of clean air without being choked by car exhaust.