This definitely wasn't an easy list to produce as burgers are the juicy meals most people fantasize about.

A lot of tasting and restaurant hopping went into compiling this list of scrumptious dreamy burgers found around Amman. 

Here's a list of the best five meat in buns in Jodan's capital city:

1. Brisket

An all-time favorite for many people in Amman, Brisket has made a name for itself by having the meatiest burgers in town. 

Their infamous Brisket on Burger (B.O.B) is any meat lover's dream... surrendering the comfort of your fine cardiovascular health is going to be your call! 

We recommend: B.O.B, Burger on Toast (B.O.T), Chicken wings, and pulled chicken burger.

2. Burger Builders

This place is one of the new burger joints in Amman, but we gotta say they made quite an impression. Thick meat patty, toasted buns, fresh lettuce, and tomato... all with a twist of interesting flavors!

We recommend: Classic Burger, Twisted Mushroom, Mac & Cheese Burger, and the Olive Tapenade Burger.

3. Soul Food

What we love about Soul Food is the modern, minimal twist when it comes to presentation and food. 

They don't serve big burgers but their specialties are sliders and fusion street food. Nothing on their menu is ordinary but everything packs up a punch.

We recommend: Togarashi Chicken Slider and the Rumor Slider.

4. Fatty Dabs Burger Shack

Fatty Dabs serves the burgers you'd like to learn to make at home... if you weren’t so busy scrolling through Instagram all day. 

Their juicy patties, soft buns, delicious toppings, and crispy fries are all the recipe for a Fatty Dabs' drool-worthy meal.

We recommend: Fatty Dab's, Inferno, and Magic Mushroom.

5. District

Some people fancy District for a drink or two, but we have to admit their food is amazing. 

Their sliders are very unique and you probably won't find them anywhere else in town.

We recommend: Mansaf Sliders (YES! you read that right,) Brie Sliders, and the Japanese Slider.