The aesthetics and historical value of known destinations in Jordan, such as Petra and the Dead Sea, prove to be valuable tourist attraction spots. 

However, some hidden gems offer a mesmerizing scene and, in some cases, a great adventure for people who would like to steer away from regular touristic places.

Check these natural landscapes in Jordan to make your visit truly worth it:

1. Wadi Heba

This natural rock oasis definitely beats your local pool. 

A simple descent into a narrow ravine, followed by a small waterfall, will slide you down into this charming hidden pond. 

2. Azraq wetland reserve

Located in Jordan’s eastern desert, this oasis serves as a haven for migratory birds and a breathtaking landscape for visitors who enjoy the tranquil, green marshland.

3. Wadi Rum at night

People exploring Jordan are all too familiar with Wadi Rum; its distinctive desert landscape, which makes for an ideal movie-set - like the Martian - have turned it into a major touristic destination. 

But you’re really missing on the most magical part of Wadi Rum if you haven’t stargazed or slept under its starlit sky. 

The absence of urban pollution and the remoteness of the Wadi allows the stars to illuminate the red sand of the vast open desert while offering a spectacular night sky view.

4. Ajloun forest reserve

The highlands of Ajloun are known for their rich, diverse ecosystem and spacious green space. 

Visitors can stay at cabins built by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature overlooking the Ajloun forest, all while observing the wildlife of the area.

5. Wadi al Mujib

Located on the outskirts of the Dead Sea, the sandstone water canyon is 420 meters below sea level.

It provides the perfect conditions for hikers and thrill-seekers.