The Emirati kitchen is rich with delicious dessert recipes that tantalize and delight your taste buds with distinctive and irresistible flavors.

One thing you have to know about Emirati sweets is that they are not diet friendly and they will absolutely ruin your "clean eating" routine... Thank goodness for cheat days, right?

If you are looking for new ideas to gain weight and satisfy your sugar craving, here are 5 must try Emirati desserts that might be less famous than luqaimat and balaleet but are equally as good:

1. Sagao – ساقو

This traditional Emirati dessert has a jelly-like texture and is made of semolina, saffron, cardamom and a whole lot of sugar and ghee. It is a must have dish on a Ramadan table and is best enjoyed with a cup of Arabic coffee

2. Aseeda boubar – عصيدة البوبر

Boubar means pumpkin in the Emirati accent. The pumpkin is cooked with saffron, cardamom, sugar, cinnamon, wheat and ghee until the mix becomes like a thick soup. It is served with dates with almonds sprinkled on top.

3. Jebab bread – خبز الجباب

This is the Emirati version of classic pancakes and is prepared from eggs, milk, wheat and sugar. But its distinctive taste comes from a mixture of traditional Emirati spices such as saffron soaked in rose water and cardamom. It is an ideal choice for a sweet breakfast and is best enjoyed with fruits, honey or spread chocolate.

4. Dates khabeesa – خبيصة التمر

An update to the classic khabeesa dish, the dates add a dose of sweetness to the wheat, water and sugar mixture. This calorie rich dessert can be personalized according to your own taste by adding different condiments from coconut shavings to pistachio powder.

5. Bitheeth – بثيث

This is one of the most beloved Emirati desserts! The simple recipe features wheat, dates, ghee and Arabic spices. Modern recipes may include cornflakes or crushed nuts. It is usually served in winter as it energizes the body and heats it up. It is also a great gift for baby showers and newlyweds.

Where can you try these desserts?

There are many shops and restaurants in Dubai that serve authentic Emirati dishes including these mouthwatering desserts such as Al Fanar, Al Makan, Amaseena, Local Bites Café, Mama Tani café, global village and Fahidi District.