Despite the negative publicity, hate speech, and xenophobia, Muslims, particularly hijabis, are taking the world by storm. 

Hijabi model Halima Aden has been cast in Yeezy, Ferretti, and Max Mara, while Nike launched a line for hijabi athletes.  

Hijabi fashion bloggers in the U.S. are also inspiring many women to feel comfortable in their own skin without having to compromise on their beliefs. 

It's an uphill battle, especially in Donald Trump's America. 

But these women are doing it just fine, and they're rocking our timelines in the process.  

We've compiled a few of the best hijabi fashion bloggers for you.

1. Leena Asad

Palestinian-American Labor and Delivery nurse, fashion, and lifestyle blogger at 'With Love Leena,' has over 400K followers on Instagram. 

Asad is all about simple, yet vibrant fashion. She shares tips on modest work-out wear, travel, and advice on faith.

2. Soobi Masood

Masood's biography on Instagram reads: "Speak the truth even if your voice shakes," so it's no surprise that her personal views on the hijab and modest wear are powerful.  

In an interview with Glamour, Masood said:  

''The Quran doesn't explicitly tell a woman what type of scarf or dress to wear and how she should wear it. It's simply prescribed to dress modestly while encompassing modest virtues. Every Muslim woman has the right to interpret modesty the way she wishes and deems appropriate for herself. It's as simple as that.'' 

3. Saufeeya Goodson

Goodson is the co-founder of Modest Route - an Instagram feed with almost three million followers and some good art featuring veiled beauties. 

A must-follow for all hijabi fashionistas out there.

4. Heba Jay

The New York-based, Lebanese-American lifestyle blogger, has helped create concrete steps in the modest fashion world with her exquisite style and blog.

5. Hassanah El-Yacoubi

El Yacoubi is a public speaker and fashion influencer based in LA. 

She is the founder of Perfect For Her (PFH,) a popular modest fashion convention for hijabis in the U.S.