Khaleeji songs have a poetic charm that turns them into enduring musical gems about love, passion and romance. Oftentimes, the lyrics come from poems written in different Khaleeji dialects or Nabati style.

Here are 5 of the most loved and most romantic Khaleeji songs that stood the test of time and remained popular as ever:

1. Tenadik – Majed Al Muhandis

Since its release in January 2016, the song became a major hit on Youtube with more than 20 million views. The song, which is written by Saudi poet Yasser Al Towejeri, deals with the themes of disappointment in love and longing for a reluctant lover in what seems to be a one-sided love affair. Despite its difficult words, the song became a massive hit and enjoyed huge popularity, prompting many Khaleeji stars to cover it, including Rashed Al Majed.

2. Raheeb – Abdul Majeed Abdullah

This poetic song continues to be one of the most enduring and loved romantic songs in the Gulf and other Arab countries. In 1995 Abdullah described to us his muse, who resembles flowers, the moon and a graceful gazelle! She is simply fierce!

3. El Amaken – Mohammed Abdu

The 12-minute long song released in 2008 is a melancholic rendition of how even the corners and places miss Abdu’s beloved. The song is still a favorite among Khaleejis and Arabs. Many singers cover it in concerts. It is the ultimate song to show someone how much you miss them and long for them.

4. Bawadda’ak – Hussain Al Jassmi

In 2002, Jassmi released this heartbreaking song that ponders the meaning of loss and death. It is said that the poet of this song wrote it for his unborn baby but sadly he died before the baby was born... As if we needed more reasons to cry at this song!

5. Ya Fahemni – Nawal Al Kuwaitia

Kuwaitia is famous for her deep and sensual voice, so when she sings about love, it is hard not to be convinced. In her 2013 song Ya Fahemni, she praises her lover for being her soul mate and the one person who fully understands her and shares a deep connection with her. I’m not sure where Kuwaitia found such a lover, but we hope he has a brother or two!