Smartphone apps are one of the most useful tools that assist us on a daily basis, but users often fail to identify the line where they have to stop. One of the most obvious overuses of smartphones?

Food photography. Instagram, we are looking at you.

While many of us only think negatively of the habit, BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones experimented with this habit for five days, regularly taking photos of all his meals and then posting them online.

To no one’s surprise, he ascertained that the habit was rather annoying to many people, yet despite the manners transgression, the habit did influence him positively in a couple of ways.

Regularly taking photos for his dietary intake, Jones became more aware of his eating habits, and started avoiding any unnecessary food consumption. He also paired this practice with using a calorie-counting app. And as he kept a more attentive watch on his eating habits, he started inviting more diversity onto his table, even though it was for aesthetic purposes.

In order to save you the navel-gazing trouble of documenting every bite of food that goes into your mouth, here are our favorite, drool-worthy regional Instagrammers who are doing the hard work for you.

Dalia Soubra is a Syrian-German food author, presenter and entrepreneur. She lives in Dubai and is identified as prominent culinary personality. She also contributes to leading food magazines, acting as Harper's Bazaar Arabia's food editor and appearing on major TV channels.

2. Sara_ASalam

Sara Abdelsalam is a Cairo-based food blogger, stylist and photographer, as well as TV chef on "Feeha Haga Helwa," which airs on Tahrir Channel.

Katharina is a German expat living in Cairo. She brings the flavors of both her travels and her enthusiasm for food to her Instagram account. Her obvious love for breakfast is hard to miss, and she'll bring you an interesting idea or two if you're a vegetarian.

Sawsan Abu Farha is an orthodontist by day, and a passionate food explorer by night. Born in Palestine, raised in Jordan and now living in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Farha certainly has a lot of mouth watering recipes we don't want you missing out on.

Born in the Philippines, Masood now lives with her Indian husband in the UAE. Her Food and Travel blog,, covers halal recipes from all over the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan and India. It isn't hard to guess that her Instagram account is as diverse and full of spices as the countries she has covered.