Burgers enjoy a massive popularity in Saudi Arabia and our penchant for it has given birth to many local brands that are giving their international counterparts and competitors a run for their money. 

As food lovers and bloggers are taking over the internet, the simplicity of meat patties layered with veggies and oozing sauces resting between two buns seems to be a favorite still. 

In no particular order, here are some of the best homegrown Saudi burger joints:

1. Century Burger

Century Burger aims to give the classic taste carried by the original burger - supposedly invented in Hamburg. This place seems to attract a lot of younger Saudis, which can be seen from the huge waiting lists on weekends. 

So far, Century Burger has three branches in Jeddah... and the way things are going for them, we won’t be surprised if they expand across the kingdom or even beyond its borders.

2. Hamburgini

Hamburgini offers old-school, nonsense-free burgers for extremely affordable prices. They are spot on with the presentation - the melting cheddar is Instagram-worthy - and succulent patties. 

Ask any Riyadhi for a good burger and they'll most probably recommend it. You won't even have to commute far before you come across a Hamburgini, as they have branches dotted all over the city.

3. Section B

The burgers at Section B are the unquestioned stars. In fact, before it opened as a formal restaurant, people had to book almost two weeks in advance just to get a burger. 

Now that they have a proper dine-in restaurant, the huge crowds show no change of heart. On weekends specifically, you'll probably be turned away if you don't arrive early enough, as the crowds keep on coming in until closing time.

4. Burgy

Burgy stands amongst the country's finest burgers, even branching out to Egypt and Morocco.

What’s most recommendable at this burger joint is the amazing sauces they serve, wherein one can just dip their already outstanding burger and amplify the taste.

5. Crave Burger

Their menu is pretty straightforward as they serve only three types of burgers: the Buffalo Chicken Burger, the Chick-Fill-A, or the Greek Burger. 

The core components are nothing flashy, but keep you coming back for more. Crave Burger has only two stores so far in Jeddah, but they enjoy a loyal following and carry all the ingredients to help them become a big national brand.