Overseeing a project while on the go is now possible with project management tools available on our mobile devices. With these, projects no longer need to be put on hold, or a team member’s absence will no longer be a cause for delay. Keep your project delivery agile, even when working remotely, with these five mobile tools for project management.


You can easily view the status of a project and assign tasks with ProjectPlace’s kanban boards. This is also a great tool for brainstorming ideas with features that allow you to smoothly communicate with the team. You can also share and store documents on ProjectPlace for uninterrupted collaboration even while on the road.


This app is all about winning in dynamic environments. Plans and schedules can easily change, and when it does, the Liquid Planner helps you keep pace with its predictive scheduling engine. This tool also lets you see all the project details in a single screen, make checklists and communicate with members.


Posting projects on the Freelancer site and finding skilled freelancers is now possible with your mobile device when you download Freelancer Mobile app. This helps you manage your projects by collaborating with freelancers who can get the job done for you.


Make project management a cinch with Tello. Its simple interface makes it easy to organize projects into boards. You can also drag and drop cards from one category to another to show how you’re progressing through the project. Real time updates in its labels and comments also makes for easy collaboration using the app.


Manage with your team even when you’re not in the office with Asana, a communication tool that helps boost efficiency. You can view conversations and what needs to be done in the same page, saving you the hassle of looking through your email inbox for all the information you’ll need.

Stay productive and keep your project going with these mobile tools, all available on iOS and Android.

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