If you are a fitness freak who enjoys a perfectly brewed cup of flat white or indulges in a well earned ceviche dish after a hardcore crossfit session, then Dubai is the perfect place for you my friend, because these food and fitness trends are taking the entire emirate by storm.

1. Peruvian food

It’s a good time to be a Peruvian chef in Dubai right now, because Peruvian food is having a huge moment. 

Peruvian restaurants are popping up on the culinary scene like crazy and MAYTA, COYA and INKA are only some examples. Other restaurants are jumping on this trend’s bandwagon by adding Peruvian dishes to their menu, so don’t be surprised if you come across a Japanese/Peruvian restaurant next time you dine out in Dubai! 

One reason that makes ethnic food so popular in Dubai is the fact that the emirate is home to more than 200 nationalities, which allows for a large and diverse taste pallet. 

So far, Peruvian food is limited to fine dining spots in glamorous venues, but maybe soon we will be able to enjoy it from a food truck… which brings us to the second trend on our list. 

2. Food trucks

The concept of food trucks in Dubai started to gain popularity a couple of years ago when Ripe Market appeared on the foodie/event scene. 

Now, food trucks festivals are the regular go-to on a sunny weekend in Dubai. 

Almost every week there is a new event that includes food trucks, live music and stalls that offer organic food and accessories made by local brands. 

Most of these food trucks change locations frequently, but you will see them mostly in Dubai Media City and Burj Park. However, if chasing after food trucks is not your thing, you can head to The Last Exit - a permanent food truck venue on Sheikh Zayed Road. 

Burger trucks dominate the scene, but there are also dessert and coffee trucks and even ones that are dedicated solely to serving french fries. 

Our life is now complete!

3. Crossfit

For those who are not familiar with crossfit, it is a type of exercise that combines elements of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics. 

With the new wave of healthy living and clean eating sweeping the country, crossfit succeeded in gaining massive popularity especially among young Emiratis, who would too become famous regional crossfit athletes such as Shaikha Al Qassemi, Muneera Al Hubail and Bader Al Noori. 

Almost every neighborhood in Dubai now boasts its own crossfit gym. There are currently more than 10 fitness arenas in Dubai dedicated solely to that sport. 

The interesting thing about these arenas is that they are independently owned and offer a cozier fitness experience away from commercial gym chains.

4. Artisan coffee

If you are a coffee connoisseur who's not really into Starbucks or Costa coffee, then this trend is for you! 

Independent artisan breweries have sprung up rapidly in Dubai over the past few years to cater to the growing community of caficionados who are interested in knowing more about the source of their coffee beans and the method in which their cup of Joe is being prepared. 

Some of these artisan coffee spots have found home in the contemporary surroundings of Al Quoz, including Seven Fortunes and RAW, while others are located in equally modern neighborhoods, such as The Brass in Citywalk and The Sum of Us on Shiekh Zayed Road. 

5. Boutique Gyms

A 5 minutes walk on Kite Beach will show you how much the people of Dubai value having a rock solid six-pack and perfectly rounded derrières! 

That’s why boutique gyms have flourished to cater to the growing number of fitness addicts who want a more intimate workout experience. 

Gyms like 24 Fitness and Train Strength & Fitness (both located in Al Quoz) are two popular examples (expect to see many social media fitness influencers there). 

Other boutique gyms are gaining traction for offering semi-private classes inside beautifully decorated spaces, such as OP Lifestyle in JLT.