Egyptian TV host Reham Said shocked viewers of Al-Nahar TV's program “Sabaya Al Kheir” when she showed pictures that she illicitly obtained of a victim of sexual harassment.

Her treatment of the women provoked protests and the loss of program sponsors, leading Al-Nahar to suspend the program.

Said, however, is just one of many Egyptian hosts whose programs have been suspended over unacceptable broadcasts.

1. Hala Sarhan, 2007

hala sar7an

The broadcaster Hala Serhan was prohibited from appearing on television for years after she presented a session on Rotana TV as part of her program “Hala Show” in which she hosted a group of prostitutes. The episode drew protests by those who considered it as damaging the reputation of Egypt.

2. Rasha Magdy, 2011

رشا مجدي

Egyptian broadcaster Rasha incited hatred against Copt protestors, accusing them of attacking soldiers that were protecting the building of the Egyptian official TV and of killing them at a demonstration that took place in October 2011.

3. Maha Bahnassy, 2014

maha bhansi

Al-Tahrir channel suspended broadcaster Maha Bahnassy from “Sabah Al-Tahrir Weekend” in June 2014 after she commented in a satirical way on the question of sexual abuse that was taking place in Tahrir Square, and as Abdel-Fattah Al Sisi won in the presidential elections, by saying: “Are you happy now? … Let the people party.”

4. Amany Al-Khayat, 2014


In 2014, broadcaster Amany Al-Khayyat, who was the presenter for “Sabah On” on On TV, was suspended after she said on air that “the state of Morocco builds its economy on the revenues of prostitution, and AIDS gets spread among its people.”

5. Abdel Rahim Ali, 2014

abdel rahim ali

The program “The Black box” or “Al Sanduk Al Aswad” presented by Abdel Rahim was suspended by the channel Al Kahera Wal Nas after Rahim broadcast illegally recorded calls of public figures.

This article was originally posted in Arabic on YallaFeed.