In the past few years, Egypt has witnessed a wave of fashion bloggers. 

They have emerged mainly on Instagram as they changed the rules of the fashion game in Egypt, taking it to the next level.  

Here are five Egyptian fashionistas you need to follow on Instagram:

1. Hadia Ghaleb

Hadia Ghaleb, Egypt, Egyptian Fashionista
Hadia Ghaleb Source: Instagram/hadiaghaleb

With more than 725,000 followers, Hadia Ghaleb managed to attract so many with her stunning fashion sense. 

She is also the founder of Ghaleb Production House (GPH), an influencer in marketing, content creating, event making, and public relations.  

2. Sahar Foad

Sahar Foad, Egypt, Egyptian Fashionista
Sahar Foad Source: Instagram/saharfoad

Besides being an engineer, mother, and wife, Sahar Foad is a hijabi fashionista who always amazes us with her chic yet modest style. 

3. Mahe El Shamy

Mahe El Shamy, Egypt, Egyptian Fashionista
Mahe El Shamy Source: Instagram/mahelshamy

Mahe El Shamy is a certified fashion designer with a degree in marketing.

She's one to always pin our eyes on her sense of fashion with her mesmerizing looks, all the while keeping it humble with her turban-styled hijab. 

4. Salma Abu Deif

Salma Abu Deif, Egypt, Egyptian Fashionista
Salma Abu Deif Source: Instagram/salmaabudeif

Salma Abu Deif is an actress and model who proved herself to be a true fashion lover. She's appeared in successful Arab series like La Totfe' Al Shams and Halawet Al Donia.

Her fashion looks are simply modern and beautiful. 

5. Nourhanne Eissa

Nourhanne Eissa, Egypt, Egyptian Fashionista
Nourhanne Eissa Source: Instagram/nourhanneeisa

Nourhanne Eissa is an Egyptian-Lebanese lifestyle blogger, socialite, and a travel and exploration enthusiast. Her Instagram posts reflect her alluring style and beautiful choices. 

She's also the founder of Double Trouble Entertainment - an agency with public relations, social media, and production services.